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Refining requires precise chemistry and technology for turning crude into usable fuel. ITT offers a wide range of safe, reliable products and services to support these specific refinery requirements.
  • Monitoring & Control

    Monitoring & Control

    Protect your equipment and increase your uptime with our advanced monitoring and control systems.
  • Pumps


    Make the most of our full range of cutting-edge API/ANSI/ISO pumps, designed to stand up to your various challenging application environments.
  • Valves


    Benefit from valve designs that are emission free, ruggedly engineered, and easy to operate. Plus, our extensive line is designed to withstand the most abrasive, high-pressure services.
  • Switches and Regulators

    Switches and Regulators

    Neo-Dyn® provides standard and custom switches for the energy market. ITT's leadership in skilled design, testing, manufacturing, and service for high performing reliable pressure switches has set the standard for the industry.
  • Regulators and Transducers

    Regulators and Transducers

    Conoflow manufactures natural gas vehicle (NGV), low pressure and high pressure regulators, filter regulators, specialty regulators, positioners, transducers, actuators, and diaphragm seals in a wide variety of materials and configurations to meet a broad range of applications.
  • Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation

    Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation

    Enidine is a global leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom energy absorption and vibration isolation products for the oil & gas market.
  • Services


    Rely on ITT for a completely integrated maintenance solution. Our life cycle management options help you stay productive, improve reliability, and increase profitability.